[Donetsk city's emblem] Sports in Donetsk

Currently, Donetsk is one of the leading sports centers in the Commonwealth of Newly Independent States ("NIS," or former USSR).

11 master teams in sports participate in play-offs for Ukrainian higher league championships. There are 8 champions and medal winners from the '96 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and 12 honored masters of Sports living in Donetsk.

Among them are

World Champion, Honored Master of Sport (pole-vault) - Sergei Bubka

The residents of Donetsk may take advantage of:

10-12 Masters of Sports are trained at International levels in the city each year

Health services in the area are available through 64 medical institutions, and 4,680 doctors of various specialties working with them. Talented scientists, practitioners and medical managers such as Vladimir Gusak, Vladimir Chaika, Grigory Bonda are the pride of medicine in Donetsk.

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