[donetsk emblem] Monuments, memorials, and other culture sites in Donetsk

Donetsk is one of the largest cultural centers in Ukraine. There are 22 architectural monuments of local significance, about 200 monuments to sculpture and history, and many memorials as well.

Within the city limits, there are

3 theatres
53 palaces of culture, and clubs
a circus
20 cinemas
a Regional Museum of Fine Arts
about 450 libraries (including school libraries)
a regional Philharmonic Society
140 museums and museum rooms (including a Regional Museum at a Local Lake)
a Planetarium

Art in Donetsk.

The world famous singers, Anatoly Solovolanenko and Jury Guljaev, the ballet dancers, Vadim Pisarev and lnna Dorofeeva, and trumpeter, Valeriy Kolesnikov, prize winner of many international jazz festivals and many other wonderful performers received their training as members of the troupe of the Donetsk State Academic Russian Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Vadim Pisarev (image 15K) and Inna Dorofeeva

Religious organizations.

In Donetsk, 44 religious organizations are registered. These include:

City mass-media consist of:

The residents of Donetsk enjoy nice facilities for rest and relaxation. In particular, the Central Park of Culture and Rest, and its branches - the Leninist Komsomol Park and Gorkiy Park - are available. And in the outskirts there is a nice Botanical Garden.

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