A workshop, "Users Interface to the INTERNET," was held on December 23-27th in Donetsk with Donetsk State Technical University (DonSTU) as its host. The workshop was organaized in the frame work of as Institutional Partnerships Project ( IPP) with the participation of the University City Science Center ( UCSC) of Philadelphia, PA USA. The IPP is funded by USAID and administered through the International Research and Exchages Board ( IREX).The main aim of the workshop was understanding what for us is a new medium - the medium of the largest computer network in the world - the INTERNET. The Internet serves as the basis for electronic communications among individuals and whole nations without governmental interference, and promotes the development of mutual understanding and co-operation through a variety of types of projects. Having broken the information vacuum, the scientific potential of our University will find life-giving forces for its development in this medium.

There were 27 participants at the workshop, among them 26 academics and scientists from the University. They came from 9 faculties, from the largest divisions of the International Cooperation Institute who work with foreign partners, and as well, from the Technology amd Innovation and the Energy Managment Centers of DonSTU. An analysis of the entrant questionnaires completed by the participants of workshop showed the following:

The Participants and the University representatives took a keen interest in the workshop. During its work the Organaizing Comitee and The Technology and Innovation Center received more than 50 requests to continue and expand the training and to expand the number of places for participants.

The wokshop has made it possible to form a group of specialists at the University capable of implementing a project to expand access to the WWW network for the faculty and students of the Univrsity. The workshop achieved its goals, and the questionaires the end of the workshop were solid evidence of that.

Thirty copies of the book, The Whole Internet. User's Guide and Catalogue, written by Ed Krol, were presented to the participants and the library of DonSTU.

In accordance with the plans of DonSTU and UCSC, the second and the third stages of the DonSTU training for local area network specialists, will take place at Kiev FreeNet in February 1997. Local network programmers and managers will be trained there. The number goingfor this advanced, technical training is not large - it will be only for six people who will shoulder the burdensand obligations of the further, advanced development of the DonSTU local area network.

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