Donetsk State Technical University and a number of leading companies and establishments of Ukraine, Russia and Belaruse will hold the traditional international scientific and technical conference "Progressive Machine-Building Technologies and Contemporaneity" in Sevastopol on September 8-13th 1997.

The goal of the conference is to exchange scientific and technical information, define forward looking ways of new engineering and technologies development and creation, bind out new possibilities of implementation of qualitatively new aggregate of articles properties and usefulness, work out joint scientific programmes, establish business contacts and commercial relations in the given sphere.

The main trends of the conference:

- practice and perspectives of creation and application of progressive technological processes and systems, production processes automation;

- problems of design and operation of tools, equipment and devices, design automation, progressive tool materials and their processing;

- diagnostics, metrology, certification and servicing;

- special technologies, machine-building economic problems.

Advertisement and presentation of companies and firms are allowed in the frames of the conference. The Organizing Committee is pleased to propose the interested companies, establishments and enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Belaruse and other foreign countries to become the sponsors and founders of the conference. The functioning languages of the conference are Russian, Ukrainian, English.

You are kindly invited to participate in the conference work and present your experts' papers and reports at the conference. Publication of the procedure of the conference is planned. For your paper to be included in the conference programme you should send the following at the address of the Organizing Committee:

- registration form;

- your paper's abstract or your advertisement text in two copies with the volume of three pages;

- annotation on the abstract or full paper in English on a separate sheet of paper (2 copies).

For documents allowing arrival to Sevastopol (the closed city) to be prepared, the participants should advise their passports data (number, series, place and date of issue, place and date of birth).

The participants will live in students hostels and hotels of Sevastopol. They'll be given opportunity to go sightseeings of Sevastopol and the Crimea.

To cover the expenses connected with the conference organization, preparation of entry documents and the procedure publication the participants should transfer to DonSTU current account 50$. It is allowed for foreign participants to pay the registration fee at the conference. In such a case, he should send the registration form by fax to the Organizing Committee. The deadline is April 30, 1997.

Your papers should meet the requirements as far as their get-up is concerned. Only in this case they will be accepted for publication.

The address to contact is as follows:

Organizing Committee of the Conference, Donetsk State Technical University, Department of Cutting Machine Tools and Instruments, 58, Artyom Street, 340000, Donetsk , Ukraine

Requirements to the papers get up:

1. Two copies. Three typed pages (interval 1.5). White paper 210x297 with margins: left - 30 mm, right - 15 mm, top and bottom - 25 mm.

2. The get-up order: The title should be typed in capitals without break off from the top margin, the space between the text and the right and left margins should be equal. After the interval (2.5) the author's name should be written and then (in brackets) the name of the establishment, city and country. After the interval of 2.5 the text itself should be typed. The interval between the lines should be 1.5, with 60 signs in one line.

3. The abstract annotation should be given in English on a separate sheet of paper. It is to be printed as follows: the authors' names, the title, annotation in 3-4 lines written through the passage, the contact mail address (only one) with the indication of the city (area) code (see the pattern).

The get-up pattern


Ivanov I.I., Petrov P.P. (DonSTU, TulSTU, Donetsk, Tula, Ukraine, Russia)

One of the main conditions of rotor machines productivity increase which influences technological systems productivity raise is... ... ...


References: 1. Sidorov I.P. Rotor machines efficiency investigation //Progressive technique and technologies of machine-building. Thesises of the reports of the international scientific technical conference. - Donetsk: DonSTU, 1995. - P. 335-336.

The annotation get-up pattern


The rise production of technological systems is ......apparatus used./Ivanov I.I, Artema Street, 58, Donetsk, 340000, Ukraine,Tel. (0622) 92-20-06. "Progressive Machine-Building Technologies and Contemporaneity" 8-13 September 1997, Sevastopol, Ukraine

Progressive Machine-Building Technologies and Contemporaneity"

8 - 13 September, Sevastopol


Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Mrs) __________Initials _______Surname __________________________

Badge Name_________________________________________________________________

Passport data: series _____, number ____, date of issue_______________________________

Date of birth_________________________________________________________________




Telephone ________________________Fax_______________________________________


Home address________________________________________________________________

Full Conference Fee (includes Conference Proceedings, other documentation without accommodation):

* Fee for Authors $ 50

* For Students if accompanied by another

Paticipant (Fee does not include copy of

Conference Proceedings) $ 40

* For all other Paticipants $ 60

Accommodation fee per day:

* At the students hostel (without meals) $ 2-5

* At the hotel (with meals) $ 50


The payment of the registration fee at the conference. You should send the registration form by fax to the Organizing Committee. The deadline is April 30, 1997.


Please return completed booking form to:

Organizing Committee of the Conference

Donetsk State Technical University,

58, Artyom Street, Donetsk 340000, Ukraine

Telephone: 380 (0622) 910731 Fax: 380 (0622) 921278